Hi everyone.
So back on November 28th 2014, i made an announcement on our website that as of January 1st 2015, RobstenDaily.org would be closing it's doors and going forward as two new seperate websites in a project we are calling The Next Chapter. Well as you can now see, that time has finally came.

We have closed our doors and are now going forward as TWO new websites… one website for Robert Pattinson and one website for Kristen Stewart. Before any rumors start, or any unfair comments are made – this decision has absolutely NOTHING to do with Rob and Kristen’s relationship status, or Rob and FKA Twigs, or us ‘giving up’ on Robsten – so if i hear anyone throwing out ludicrous comments like that i will be very disappointed. I fell in love with Robert and Kristen back in 2008 prior to them having any sort of romantic relationship, and i had even made plans to launch a website back that year, however those plans didn’t get put into motion until early 2010 as at the time i was super busy with college. I have said it time and time again that i will support both Robert and Kristen together, apart, professionally and any other way i possibly can. So in absolutey no way, are we “giving up” on Robsten.. otherwise we would not be continuing with two new sites. This decision isn’t recent.. i actually had plans for this in mind for quite some time and even if Rob and Kristen were still together now romantically, this decision would still have been made regardless.

For those who are active on our website chat board will remember that back towards the end of 2012, just before promotion for the final Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn Part 2) started, i first stated that i planned on closing the site eventually and going forward as two new separate websites, because with the Twilight Saga ending that year, i felt it was the right timing to go forward. So in May 2013, i launched our Kristen website.. and i was about to begin work on our Rob site, but i felt it in my heart that i was not quite ready to let go of Robsten Daily and make the transition yet – so i put the plans on hold. And then in early 2014, i made the final decision that 2014 would be the final year of Robsten Daily, and The Next Chapter would kick-in at the beginning of 2015.

Our main reason for this change, is Robert and Kristen both have amazing things going on within their individual professional careers, and we feel that it will be better this way to let their careers and projects truly shine. The Twilight Saga has been “over” for two years, and while we love the Saga, and the memories that it gave us – having a combined site for Robert and Kristen almost felt like we were constantly attached to the Saga, and not giving Rob and Kristen’s other amazing projects the chance to fully flourish.
Robsten Daily's main site is still accesible – meaning that for any fan who still wants to continue visiting the site to view all of our old content, or search back and look at old posts , can still do that. Our Photo Gallery is also still online, so that you still have access to all the photos – but just bear in mind that any “new” news or photos will not be uploaded to the site or gallery as of now – you will need to visit our two new websites for any “new/recent” content. The Robsten Daily chat area is also still available and working, for if any fans feel the need to still chat with each other.. as we know that so many friendships have been made through the site. But with that being said, hopefully you will all also still join in on the new chat-areas on both of the new websites.

I am sorry if anyone feels upset by this news.. trust me, it is upsetting for me also, as Robsten Daily has been my “baby” for the last 4 and a half years, and because of that it is sad to let it go. But please think positive – the only thing that is changing is instead of going to ONE site for our Rob and Kristen news and updates – we now go to two different sites… that is the only difference. So please embrace this news as an new exciting change for the future. Change is good! Our love and support for Rob and Kristen still remains the same and nothing will EVER change that.

You can visit our brand new websites - Robert Pattinson Central and Kristen Stewart HQ by clicking the links below. You can also still proceed to view our main site and gallery.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement, and i hope you can all fully understand and support our decision to go forward in this direction, even if it will be sad for us all. We are all a Robsten family.. together we stand.. United! I am so lucky to have met so many amazing friends through this website, and i hope those friendships will remain.

Thank you,
- The Robsten Daily team


- Fans-Planet.com for hosting us since 2011, and for continuing to host us to keep this website online for the fans even though we have closed. They are also hosting both of our brand new websites.
- All of our Affiliates for supporting our website over the past few years. If any of you would like to continue being Affiliates with us on our new websites please drop me an e-mail at contact@robstendaily.org
- Marge, Michelle and Karen - thank you for being there for me through everything. I met all three of you through this website and you have became wonderful friends.
- Our website visitors - for visiting and supporting us online since 2010, not just on our website but also on our social media accounts. Also special thanks to David and Steph for all of their help with the main site, chat area and Tumblr.
- and lastly, Rob and Kristen, thank you for everything. Thank you for just being you!
- Online Users